Takashima Records

Takashima Records is the new home of a premium cocktail lounge and independent record label, the first of its kind in the St. Louis area. Owners Sean Baltzell and Casey Colgan—previous clients of V Three Studios—have trusted the firm to bring their vision of a “cultural hi-fi destination” to life. Occupying a street-level location of the newly opened Chroma development in the vibrant Grove neighborhood, the space will consist of a bar spanning almost the entire length of the dining area and a second-level VIP loft above two shipping container booths, with a intimate entry lounge and kitchen areas on either side of the main space.

Taking inspiration from both the high-ball whiskey culture in Tokyo and Baltzell’s experience as a tattoo artist who has worked in Japan, the intimate space will feature handcrafted woodwork, minimal steel accents and vibrant artwork for a timeless, warm and inviting aesthetic. Over 5,000 vinyl records will be on display, creating a striking and unique atmosphere when paired with the modern, sleek interior. As a whole, Takashima Records will be an inviting place for visitors to explore new tastes and sounds in one of the city’s most exciting new establishments.