Blue 2.0 | Appleton Wisconsin

Blue 2.0 is a rapidly growing technology solutions provider that specializes in streamlining businesses by rethinking process management. When the St. Louis-based company looked to expand its reach to Wisconsin, V Three Studios was brought on board to develop a distinct design that reflects the company's identity, while still serving as an IBM Bluemix Garage, which will offer a collaborative workspace where developers from small start-ups and large companies alike can come together to create new cloud applications. 

As an IBM Blue Partner, Blue 2.0 needed a collaborative environment that was flexible to meet the needs of interdisciplinary companies housed in the space, with an emphasis on technology integration. The interior was kept as open as possible, while loosely defining several smaller areas that cater to different types of collaboration. The layout also emphasizes flexibility, with large glass sliding doors that allow the office to be divided, or joined to create a larger space that will allow Blue 2.0 to host meetings and technology events. V3 worked to develop cost effective solutions by using simple light fixtures, materials and graphics in new and creative ways.