Guest Article: Building Operating Management

V3 staff members Chris Mrozewski and Chuck Huss recently co-wrote an article on workplace design trends for maximizing productivity and efficiency. The full piece, published in Building Operating Management, breaks down the workplace design principles that position companies for growth and help achieve their business goals.

There are three basic design trends underlying almost every modern office environment, regardless of the industry or particular business model of the company. In no particular order, these trends are: 

• Encouraging creativity among employees.

• Integrating useful technology into the built environment.

• Placing a greater emphasis on employee wellness.

The goal of implementing these strategies may be to outperform  competitors through creative product offerings or solutions, to use technology to help employees more efficiently perform job-related tasks, or to retain valuable talent by ensuring employee health and job satisfaction… Across the board, good workplace design should always aim to achieve a company’s goals while adhering to its internal culture, regardless of whether the office is owned by a cutting-edge technology startup, a more traditional firm, or any type of company in between. 

To read the full piece, click here.