Bonneville International

Bonneville International is a media and broadcasting company serving several markets throughout the western US. Having previously rented a space in downtown San Francisco, the company decided to improve its operations by bringing in V Three Studios to oversee the cutting-edge renovation of a floor in an existing building in the Daly City area. The new, 18,000 square foot home of the company’s several Bay Area stations will feature 5 on-air studios, production rooms and support spaces, a high-tech performance space, a multipurpose break room, a roof deck, and more. The interior will be set against the exposed concrete floors, deck and beams of the existing concrete building and finished with natural woods and concrete with a neutral color scheme designed to enhance the bold video content on display throughout the facility.

With a scheduled completion date of spring 2020, this new facility will boast the latest technology and digital integration for both broadcast and employee workspace purposes. As guests enter the lobby of the facility, they will be greeted by views of a “showcase” on-air studio as well as a display of the important rack equipment used by each station. Also visible from the lobby will be a new performance space fitted with lighting, a sound system, a movable front-of-house station, and adjacent audio and video control rooms. Beyond the audio/video features, employees will be able to enjoy brand new workspaces, multiple collaborative areas, and a multipurpose break room and work area featuring flexible seating arrangements and integrated technology to facilitate modern “cafe style” work arrangements.