St. Louis,  Missouri

V Three Studios and Commerce Bank have developed a strong partnership that has led to successful projects in more than 20 bank locations. That partnership continues with the renovation of their flagship retail branch in Clayton.

Located on the first floor of the Commerce Bank St. Louis Headquarters, the project includes the complete renovation of both the retail branch and the adjacent Commerce Trust office space. The branch design and function was modernized to align with Commerce’s new banking approach that focuses on more personalized customer interaction. The overall design seeks to create a space that is bright, open, and inviting while also accommodating the latest banking technology and methods. One of the most important changes is the transition away from the traditional teller-line to a more advanced bankers counter. This highly functional service counter incorporates advanced equipment that provides bankers with the freedom to accomplish a wider range of tasks in place, removing many of the restrictions imposed by outdated equipment that required dedicated rooms. The design also creates several different styles of consulting areas, allowing bankers to adapt their interactions to the specific needs of the customers.

Commerce Trust, a separate entity within the Commerce Bank company, has its own unique branding, aesthetic, and function. Attention to these differences was critical in order to make the project a success. Working closely with the Commerce Trust executives, V3 developed a design that responds to these specific needs and incorporates many modern office amenities. The resulting project provides Commerce Trust with a timeless workspace that also embraces innovation, technology, and collaboration.