Learfield Conference Suite

Dallas, Texas

Learfield’s expansion of their facility in Dallas to meet the evolving demands of digital media and to provide collaborative idea driving environments for their highly innovative staff is a direct reflection of why they are successful as a national leader in NCAA Sports media content creation and marketing. V Three Studios worked with Learfield to develop a new suite for their Digital team that fosters the sharing of ideas by the content creators in a constantly evolving mobile media age. The new Digital suite has an interface area equipped with iPads for the sales team and staff to interact-with and learn-about the new products & content being created.

V Three also work with Learfield to create an Ideation Suite that is a “brainstorming” environment for larger groups to work together on a collective idea or break down into smaller groups for problem solving exercises. The “X’s & O’s Room” as its referred to by the staff, is a highly flexible environment in terms of furniture and technology for adapting to the various demands of the suite. Both the Digital Suite and the Ideation Suite reflect the excitement of college sports and the collective personality of this talented group through the use of interactive displays and super-graphics set against a simple & clean material pallet to allow the company mission to shine through.