Commerce Bank Clayton Branch

Commerce Bank Headquarters

V Three Studios worked with Commerce Bank to reimagine its St. Louis Headquarters building in downtown Clayton, Missouri.


To date, V3 has overseen the renovation of 45 percent of the floorspace within the bank’s flagship building. This multi-disciplinary project contains a public-facing retail branch, private offices, meeting rooms and other mixed use spaces.


V Three Studios and Commerce Bank have developed a strong partnership that has strengthened the Commerce brand and fostered successful projects in more than 20 locations. In spearheading the design and renovation of dozens of spaces in Commerce Bank’s corporate headquarters, V3 has effectively navigated the technical challenges of modern bank design while unifying the goals and objectives of various project stakeholders. The result is a revitalized, user-focused building that will allow Commerce Bank to remain agile as the future of banking continues to evolve.


The design and function of the first floor retail area of Commerce Bank’s headquarters building was modernized to align with the bank’s new focus on more personalized customer interaction. The overall design creates a space that is bright, open and inviting while also accommodating the latest banking technology and methods.

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Commerce Trust Company

Just feet from the Commerce Bank flagship retail bank branch is Commerce Trust, a separate entity within the Commerce Bank company, which has its own unique branding, aesthetic and function. Working closely with the Commerce Trust executives, V3 developed a design that responds to these specific needs and incorporates many modern office amenities.

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Executive Suite

Previously containing oversized cubicles, dark wood finishes and inadequate lighting, the second floor executive suite now features reduced workstation wall heights, brighter finishes and glass incorporated throughout the lobby, offices and conference rooms. The result is a more open and vibrant space that fosters a sense of community.

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Mixed-Use Training Center

Commerce Bank needed its 10th floor training area and HR offices updated to facilitate modern technology-focused employee training as well as hosting client meetings and larger company gatherings. The renovated space now features flexible furnishings and technology integration that allows the client to adapt the space to their needs.


V3 has worked with Commerce Bank to renovate several other floors within their headquarters building, phasing out construction for continuous occupancy while managing code requirements and working with third party contractors and engineers. This multi-phase renovation is an ongoing partnership with further projects on the boards.

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