Commerce Bank Executive Suite

St. Louis,  Missouri

V Three Studios and Commerce Bank have developed a strong partnership that has led to successful projects in more than 20 bank locations. Seeking to rethink its own corporate office culture and encourage communication and collaboration through design, Commerce Bank turned to V3 to help bring that vision to life with a complete renovation of its Executive Suite.

Located on the second floor of the Commerce Bank St. Louis Headquarters in Clayton, the Executive Suite contained oversized cubicles, dark wood finishes and inadequate lighting. This ultimately led to a workplace that fostered organizational silos, reducing employee interaction. V3 helped breathe new life into the previously dark and confined space by reducing the workstation wall heights, brightening up the finishes and incorporating glass throughout the lobby, offices and conference rooms, all of which helps reinforce the sense of community. V3 added interest by selecting finishes with textures that convey natural materials and integrate seamlessly with the existing marble, slate, and cherry wood accents. To promote interaction among employees, V3 developed a new open workstation design, along with adding modern office amenities like huddle rooms, focus areas and multi-purpose spaces. By transforming the traditional office model into a contemporary activity-based workplace, the design supports the functional needs of the space as well as encourages collaboration, relationships and teamwork. With this vision realized in the Executive Suite, Commerce Bank is positioned to offer a more constructive workplace culture well into the future.